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Transformation from the inside out. Hampton Health is a collaborative, holistic and integrative practice focusing on the mind, body and soul therefore giving you the best whole-person tailored plan of care for optimal results. Our practice promotes physical, mental and emotional well-being with professional consistent support.

About us

Hampton Health consists of a husband-and-wife team both Nurse
Practitioners with a combined 40-year extensive experience that has led us
to open Hampton Health practice. At Hampton Health we believe in client
voice and that everyone deserves to have care tailored to their own unique
individual needs and goals for the best possible outcomes. An enhanced and
comprehensive understanding of yourself will lead to a more fulfilling life.

our Services

Total Body Wellness

Feeling well starts from the inside out, emotionally and physically. Whether you are seeking a renewal of the mind and body, or have a specific wellness goal, our integrated team will work closely with you to personalize your care and treatment. Total body wellness incorporates all aspects relating to your quality of life, including but not limited to physical health, quality sleep, mental wellness, proper nutrition, adequate stress management and physical activity.
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Life can certainly have its challenges. Understanding who you are and how you operate is vital towards becoming who you strive to be. We all have a purpose in life, some may know exactly what their purpose is but are unsure how to get there. Others may not know their purpose and therefore the search begins there. Fully diving into aspects of your life both conscious and unconscious, can unveil the truth of who we really are. Life coaching helps guide you in the process and reveal your inner truth.
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IV Infusion Therapy

Elevate your well being with our various IV infusion drips. IV infusion therapy can revitalize your body and mind by replenishing your body’s vitamins and minerals, providing numerous health benefits such as improved hydration, increasing energy levels, reduction in fatigue and stress, better sleep, weight loss, increase metabolism, boost immunity and overall wellness support.
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Medical Weight Loss

Losing weight is never an easy task. A strong knowledgeable support team with a professional detailed program can greatly increase your success. As always, we here at Hampton Health , wellness begins from the inside out.
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Men's Health

Creating a customized treatment plan for everyone is the key to health. We recognized the needs of men and woman can vary. Whether the concern is chronic fatigue, weight gain, loss of lean body mass, sexual arousal,
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Women's Health

There are specific health issues and concerns that affect women throughout their lives. This encompasses both physical and mental well-being. It is vital for women to have an open and honest space to communicate with their healthcare providers.
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